Orgasmixxx Lovers Board Game

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Ozze Creations
Price: AU$39.99

An achingly orgasmic test of who prolong their climax the longest, the Orgasmixxx Game for Adults from Ozze is a sensually seductive adult board game that will keep you on the edge until the very end. 

Just as its name suggests, the object of this game is to be the first player to reach the final square on the game board before reaching orgasm. Orgasmixxx will slowly cause undress, so plan a comfortable outfit for starting your play. You'll also want to have your favorite sex accessories handy for this game, including lingerie, candles, ice cubes, mood music, lube and condoms, a bottle of wine or champagne, sweet treats and any stimulators you desire. To play, roll the die and move the amount of squares indicated. Follow the command on that square to complete your turn; these sexy challenges are designed to push your and your partner over the edge as you try to remain cool and collected until the very end. When the winner has reached the final square, they are then finally entitled to their pent up climax, and can decide the time and place of their choice.


1 Board 4 Decks of Cards 1 Die 1 Hourglass 2 Tokens 1 Body Crayon 1 Blindfold


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