Wet Stuff Premium Silicone Bodyglide 4.5 kg

Massage Oil, Lubricant, Personal Lubricant, Silicone Based Lubricant, Long Lasting Lube, Bodyglide, Gel Works

Gel Works
Price: AU$178.90

Wet stuff premium is a break through in silicone bodyglide lubricants.

Wet stuff premium is a bodyglide that gives great performance! Once the passion has cooled the bodyglide vapourises and absorbs into the skin.

Wet stuff premium bodyglide is the result of an extensive research into the silicone market bringing only the most excellent ingredients, great texture and after sheen with rapid reduction to a moisturiser after use.

Specially designed both as a sexual lubricant and a bodyglide One hand operated packaging for ease of use A great value for money product Contains 100% medical grade silicones sourced from the USA Blended and packed in Australia to international standards Excellence in motion Lasts longer Volumne 4.5kg


Wet stuff is a lubricant that is made by Gel Works. Gel Works is a company that is run by an ex pharmacist who decided that the quality of lubricants on the market were inferior, and using dangerous chemicals. Wet stuff removes all nasty chemicals and is considered to be body safe for people with mild allergic reactions to normal lubricants. Wet Stuff and Gel Works have created a wide range of products that suit everyone.