Touche Body Slide Deluxe

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Price: AU$74.90

The Body Slide Deluxe is designed for regular massages and for body-to-body massages. It has extra high inflatable sides, so you can use even more lubricant without making a mess. You can use it as often as you like, it is made of sturdy and lasting material. When you're done, simply wash the Body Slide Deluxe with water and some soap. We've added a bottle of highly concentrated lubricant you need to dilute with water. There's enough for about 5 litres of lubricant. Give your love life a complete new dimension by bringing the body-to-body massages to your bedroom!

- Length: 189 cm
- Width: 159 cm
- Height: 34 cm
- Holds up to 5 Liter of lube.
- Includes: 80ml. Body Slide Lubricant
- Material Slide: PVC
- Waterproof: Yes
- Phthalate Free: Yes

Dimensions: 11.46" x 2.76" x 19.8"



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