Tantus Mikey 02

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Price: AU$70.00
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Possibly the best feeling dildo ever, Mikey 02 is another fantastic pleasure tool to come from the innovative, hygienically and aesthetically exacting design minds at Tantus. Mikey has a petite, stout, wider shape that`ll please almost anyone, lovers of toy realism will adore not only the subtle detail on the lifelike penis shaft but also the incredible feel. A special dual density layering technique allows for a touchable, pliably soft outer layer with a very satisfying firm core. Once the temperature sensitive silicone material takes on your body heat, you`d be truly hard pressed (no pun intended) to tell the difference between Mikey and a real man. Both inner and outer layers are made from Tantus` premium blend of 100% silicone, which is incomparably safe and hygienic, you`ll be able to boil or bleach your dildo for complete sterilization, and since it`s non porous and fully hypoallergenic, Mikey (and all Tantus silicone toys) are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Please note retail packaging is different.

Available in Cream and Black