Akane Aoi Hipper

Realistic Masturbator

Exe & King
Price: AU$110.00

JAPAN dreams of big hits!
It is JAPAN exclusive, transparent sense 1000% Orthodox AV idol "Akane Aochan" showed pretty and cute ass.

A real sense of mouth, the feeling of the vacuum created by the winding road of Hida Tsubo is Aoi's push!

Body size (mm)
Vertical 129 Width 138 Length 62


Japan is the land of quality products and King Maturbators continues to add to their lineup with collaboration between high profile companies and some of the most popular stars in Japan. JAV porn stars are lining up for these real feel masturbators that start from the famous onahole up to full sized replica’s of these gorgeous Asian women buttons and other intimate body parts. Exe Strokers also manufactures top line Japanese sex toys and fascinated by the innovative spirit of Japanese adult toy makers bringing Japans erotic wonderland to the rest of the world. Using market surveys to research on a daily basis new product ideas, inventions and product launches.