Twin Turbo Rabbit Dual Direction Beads

Rabbit Vibrator, Rabbit Massager, Jelly Silicone, Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Steel Beaded Shaft, Dual Directions Beads, Seven Creations

Seven Creations
Price: AU$64.90

If you're ready for serious pleasure, the Twin Turbo Rabbit Dual Direction Beads can deliver. It features all the great functions you'd expect from a Rabbit vibrator plus a little something extra. You'll still find the multi-function probing tip and the multi speed vibrating clit stimulator, two features that give you pleasure you'll love. But the Twin Turbo Rabbit Dual Direction Beads also features four rows of rotating beads. Two rotate in one direction, the other two rotate in the opposite direction. That means you'll get double your pleasure to go along with the other standard features of the vibrator. Easy to use controls include lights to make night-time use a breeze, and the waterproof design means that you can enjoy your toy no matter where you are. Plus, it's easy to clean and the AA batteries will last for hours to ensure you get all the pleasing you can handle.


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