Ringed Pulsating Rabbit 7 Function G Spot Head Pink

Rabbit Vibrator, Rabbit Massager, Multifunction, Multispeed, Waterproof, G-Spot Head, 7 Function, Seven Creations

Seven Creations
Price: AU$49.90

When you want to get yourself off quickly without using your hands, you need the Ringed Pulsating Rabbit 7 Function G Spot Head in pink from Seven Creations. This small toy packs a powerful punch because it hits your clit, G-spot, and vagina all at once. The solid base features large buttons that let you adjust the speed and rotation of the vibrator, and it includes a simple on-off switch. The head rotates at different speeds, giving you the perfect amount of stimulation. Tiny bumps on the shaft stimulate the vaginal walls, while hitting you G-spot. This is definitely a set it and let it run model because all you need to do is hit one button and it starts working. The best feature is quite possibly the adorable bunny. The curved shape of the bunny lets his ears gently rub against your clit, making it feel like a tongue.


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