Sax Absorbent Sponges 30 pack

Sax, Absorbent Sponges 30 pack, Reusable Tampons to Wear During Intimacy

Price: AU$99.00

Sax Sponges Individually wrapped 4.5cm (L) x 3.5cm (D) Box of 30 sponges

Sax sponges are the perfect companion for your personal needs. These individually wrapped dry sponges are multi-purpose and can be hygienically used mainly by women for anything from make-up removal to other personal needs. Each box of Sax Sponges contains 30 individually wrapped period sponges, each measuring 4.5cm x 3.5cm. These high quality sponges from Sax ensure perfect absorption. Sax period sponges are made of polyester and rayon and have been dermatologically tested. Get a pack today for handy convenience.


Sax Healthcare is an Australian based founded in the year 2000. Committed to delivering reasonably priced sexual safety products that will enhance the sex lives of its customers. Sax also provide a range of sex toys known as 3X and is active in their relationships with AIDS Council, sexual health agencies, LFTBQ community and adult retail. Education in the best sexual health practices is part of the company’s mission. With a range of over 10 different styles of condoms SAX if finally selling their products successfully to the international markets.