What is a sitemap ?
A site map is a page (or sometimes more than one page) that contains links to all of the pages on your website. It generally does not include all the pages in the directory for reasons of space.

Why we have a site map
There are three main reasons we have a site map at thesextoys.net, the first and most important is the famed "3 click rule" that says any good website design will allow a client to get from any page to any other page in 3 clicks or less. Think about it, you are on any page of our website, click on the site map (click 1) and then on the page you want to get to (click 2).
The second is that not every customer will be able to use such navigation and even some search engines and will never get past the first page. Having a site map allows us to put a hardcoded link on the page header/footer/navigation and allows our customers to use thesextoys.net sitemap to find their way around this website.
The third reason that it helps the search engines find all the pages on the website much quicker - especially the pages that are buried away with a link from a single page somewhere. Let's face it google web crawlers and spiders love site maps. As our site is very large our sitemap is an index of categories that points to individual sitemap pages.

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